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Please find herunder a selection of posters presented at conferences and workshops. For additional information please don't hesitate to contact us

Dirks et al. : On the development of a method for the isolation of Selenium_NRC9_2016

Se separation

Dirks et al. : On the development and characterisation of an hydroxamate based extraction chromatographic resin_RRMC 2015

Hydroxamate Resin

Dirks et al. : Characterisation of a TBP resin and its application to the separation of Sn_RRMC 2015

TBP Resin

Dirks et al.: On the development of a rapid method for the determination of Sr and Pb in water samples based on TK100/1 Resins_COGER 2015

TK100 & TK101 Resins

Dirks/Happel: Application of extraction chromatography to the separation of Sc and Zr isotopes from target materials_RadChem 2014


Decamp/Happel: Utilization of a mix bed column for the removal of iodine from radioactive process waste solutions._NRC 2012

CL Resin

Happel/Bombard: Use of extraction chromatographic resins for the analysis of actinides and Sr in large soil samples_Sacharov Readings 2012

TEVA & DGA Resins

Zulauf et al.: CL Resin based methods for the separation and determination of Cl-36 and I-129 in environmental and decommissioning samples_RRMC 2011

CL Resin


Dirks et al. : On the direct determination of radiostrontium and Pb-210 from water samples_RRMC 2015

TK100 & TK101 Resins

Alliot et al.: 82Sr/82Rb production: characterization and quantification by mass spectrometry of various 18-crown-6 crown-ethers release induced by radiation of Sr resin_ISRS 2015

SR Resin

Dirks et al.: Characterization of a TBP Resin and development of methods for the separation of actinides and the purification of Sn_RadChem 2014

TBP Resin

Bombard et al.: Cesium radioisotopes separation in environmental and waste samples: use of inorganic/organic composite absorbers AMP-PAN, KNiFC-PAN_COGER 2013


Happel/Bombard: Application of extraction chromatographic resins for the rapid analysis of radionuclides in environmental samples_Sacharov Readings 2012


Dirks et al.: Development of a CU Resin based method for the separation of Cu isotopes for radiopharmaceutical applications_RRMC 2011

CU Resin