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Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Environmental protection

The rapid industrial and technological development has left our planet in a fragile state. Under pressure of their population the developed countries governments, are more and more sensitive to the problem of environment preservation. Further the international advisory and decision making authorities (e.g. G8) can no longer ignore these problems.

The national and international regulatory bodies focus more and more on the monitoring and control of drinking water, food and environment, to ensure the protection of the population.

Health protection programs aim is to adjust and reduce the accepted levels of environmental pollutants.
TrisKem International wants to extent its field of activities, considering research and development of new technologies for the separation and determination of environmental pollutants as a priority.   

If you have R&D projects in this area and you are looking for a partnership or a possibility to commercialise your invention, please contact Dr. Steffen Happel, our R&D manager.

We will keep you informed about any new technologies and products in the area of environmental monitoring, which will be commercialised by TrisKem International.