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Metals Analysis

TrisKem’s expertise in separations and it’s variety of different resins with varying selectivities provides a number of opportunities to solve analytical problems through sample preparation.

With our broad offering of products and long experience, TrisKem can help you meet lower detection limits with less uncertainty. Frequently the problems encountered are centered on removing matrix that interferes with the instrumental measurement. ICP-MS is an example. Isobaric interferences often have to be removed in order to allow accurate determination of your analytes. Selectivity for the analyte of interest is important in these cases.

Extraction chromatography already finds application in various applications, including the determination of Sr isotope ratios, in geochronology (e.g. U/Pb), and the determination of Pb and Be in difficult matrices.

Flyer Geochemistry

Our R&D is working on the development of new resins and methods in order to help you with your separation needs
If you have a special separation need, if you would like to participate in a R&D project or if you are looking for a partner to commercialize a new technology which you have developed, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@triskem.fr