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Raddec Pyrolyser

Product sheet Raddec Pyrolyser
Product sheet Raddec Mini Pyrolyser
Raddec use of Pyrolyser presentation 2014

Triskem International has signed an agreement with Raddec International Ltd (Radiochemical & decommissioning solutions) to become commercial agent for their Pyrolyser systems and the associated accessories for Europe (except UK), Russia and CIS, Africa, Middle-East and China. Raddec International Ltd is a registered UK company based in Southampton (UK) with agents in France, South Korea, South Africa and Australasia. Founded in 2006, Raddec International markets the radioanalytical technologies and experience developed by Raddec (UK) Ltd (established 2003) in support of nuclear decommissioning programs.

The Pyrolyser systems are combustion furnaces designed for the extraction of total tritium, carbon-14 and radio-isotopes of iodine in almost any sample type (e.g. metal, structural and bio-shield concrete, biota, soil, sediment, plastic, asbestos, graphite). It is a multi-tube system thus allowing the treatment of several samples of up to several grams depending on the sample material in one unit at the same time. The systems were designed by practicing radiochemists based on their long experience of making radioactive measurements on environmental and decommissioning samples. The Pyrolyser furnaces are used in numerous nuclear, research, defence and commercial laboratories within the UK and worldwide.

The Pyrolyser multi-tube system is fully integrated into a single space-efficient instrument. Each system incorporates controllable heating, metered air and oxygen gas flows, a catalytic oxidation zone and a bubbler chain to extract and quantitatively trap fully-oxidized sample decomposition products. Up to 6 samples can be extracted at one time over a period as short as 2 hours.

In case of questions or if you’d like to have more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact us under contact@triskem.fr.