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TrisKem International is ISO 9001 certified since July 2007. Please find below our quality manual and our certificate. For any complementary information please contact our quality manager Anne Raoult.

Quality Policy

Dear customers,

In order to satisfy your requirements fully, we manufacture high quality resins and incorporate new procedures, new materials and new consumables into our portfolio of products.

Our vision is to be the leading European manufacturer of the specific resins used in analysis laboratories whose work involves separating, purifying and identifying radioactive elements.

Our aim is to become the first-choice partner with regard to the development and manufacture of the specific resins used by producers of radioactive metals for medical purposes. We are also looking to transpose our know-how into the recycling and purification of critical metals field.

By transferring our head office into a building which also houses our production facilities, R&D laboratories, admin offices and customer service functions we have optimized the interactions between these various departments and thus improved our ability to respond to our customers' requirements.

The resources made available by these new spaces enhance our commitment to R&D projects and also improve our responsiveness so that we can respond to the development of turnkey solutions with regard to analytical work and semi-industrial manufacture.

Our acknowledged technical competency, our innovative spirit, our ability to be attentive to requests and our adaptability are the key strengths of our multicultural and multilingual team.

Moreover, the health and safety of our employees and protection of the environment are integral to our corporate values; accordingly, we have fostered within the company a culture of risk prevention and environmental protection.

Since July 2007, we are ISO 9001 certified for all our activities as indicated in the mapping of our processes. This mapping faithfully represents the organization of our company and shows the processes involved in delivering high quality products and services.

Our quality manager, as the management representative, is your key contact by virtue of the powers entrusted to this manager.

Our team is at your disposal for all technical and administrative questions. Its clear focus is the continuous optimization and improvement of the services provided. To this end, we are committed to monitoring constantly the efficacy of our quality system.

Michaela Langer
TrisKem International, President
Bruz, November 9th 2015



Triskem International manufactures and commercializes the specific resins and the associated consumables used in analysis laboratories which separate, identify, purify and detect radioactive elements.
We develop new technologies for application in environmental monitoring, the protection of individuals, the purification of radionuclides for nuclear medicine (diagnosis and treatment), internal security and the recycling and purification of critical metals.
We offer our customers turnkey solutions in the areas of analysis and semi-industrial manufacture.
Our Technical Support function is dedicated to assisting laboratories working in the area of environmental monitoring and the determination, purification and measurement of radioactivity. We support our customers in their implementation of new applications and technical solutions.


Triskem International was founded in 2007 as a French joint-stock company (SAS) with share capital of 40,000 euros and a workforce of 6 people following the purchase of the resin activity of Eichrom Europe and of the right to produce extraction chromatography resins in Europe using the know-how developed and patented by the American company, Eichrom Technologies Inc.
Since 2009, Triskem International has set up Research and Development projects in collaboration with universities and research centers within France and internationally.
Triskem International works with laboratories in about 60 countries on average in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, including Russia and China. Since the end of 2014, we have sold our new developments in the international market.
In 2015, Triskem International ordered the construction of its headquarters, which comprises administrative offices, customer services, R&D laboratories and production facilities.
Today, Triskem International SAS is an independent French company with capital of 815,000 euros (as of 31/12/2014) and a workforce of 14 people. The scientific team has an excellent reputation in France and internationally (participation in the working groups for the nuclear equipment standardization agency and for ISO, as an expert for the IAEA and as an external expert and trainer). Triskem International is a member of the Atlanpole Biotherapie regional incubator in Nantes, and is proud to participate in two research projects identified as being important for the development of French competitiveness. The company is also part of the BPIfrance Excellence community.


  • Quality of our products
  • Confidentiality
  • Technical competency
  • Scientific progress watch
  • International expertise
  • Commitment
  • Risk prevention
  • Environmental protection
  • Communication
  • Availability
  • Customer service
  • An experienced, complementary & multilingual team

The management of Triskem International is committed to meeting customer expectations, both qualitatively and quantitatively, and to developing a culture of environmental protection and risk prevention in accordance with the recommendations stated in standards ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


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Application Domain

In the frame work of the ISO 9001 Certification TrisKem has implemented a quality management system for the following activities :

1) Research and development
    2) Manufacturing
      3) Commercialization

        of chemical reagents in analytical and semi-industrial quantities, primarily extraction chromatography resins, and the consumables used in the separation and determination of radioactive and non-radioactive elements. Technical support forms an integral part of the added value of our products.

        This quality manual describes the general provisions implemented by TrisKem International to achieve and guarantee the quality of its activities in the fields of application mentioned above.

        These provisions are completed by a list of all the procedures in the quality management system, including those relating to the control of documents and records, internal audits, the control of non-conformities, and corrective and preventive actions.

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        Cartography of the processes

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