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Dear User,

Eichrom Technologies, the supplier of our analytical grade anion (A4/8) and cation exchange (C4/8) resins, have informed us that they are facing sudden and significant supply chain issues, due to delivery delays for their raw materials exceeding 6 – 9 months. Unfortunately, these issues concern all their anion and cation exchange resins.

Accordingly, Eichrom will not be able to provide us with their ion exchange products effective immediately, and for a not yet known period. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and short note!

As you might know, we are already commercializing anion and cation exchange resins from an alternative supplier that continues to provide their products as usual.


Their range of chromatographic ion exchange resins are produced using a proprietary manufacturing technology resulting in resin beads with low extractables content, allowing for their use e.g. in pharmaceutical applications.

Their process further allows obtaining narrow particle size distributions with 90% of produced beads falling in the specified range:

  • 35-75 µm (200 - 400 mesh),
  • 75-150 µm (100 - 200 mesh) and
  • 150-300 µm (50 - 100 mesh).

We had evaluated, and validated, their products in the past, in terms of separation performance these resins have shown a behaviour very similar to the Eichrom products, comparably slower flow rates have been reported though


For the time being we will only be able to provide you with products from this alternative supplier.

Below you will find an equivalence chart indicating the respective references. We are also updating our product sheets accordingly over the next days.

You will note that these alternative anion and cation exchange resins are commercialized in 250g and 1kg bottles. Pre-packed columns and cartridges will now also be filled with these resins.


We are once more apologizing for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions, or if you’d like to receive a sample of these resins, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@triskem.fr we will very gladly be of assistance.



Product equivalence chart

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