Reagents for environmental monitoring, bioassay, geochemistry, radiopharmacy and decommissioning

TKI Methods

Please find below a list of our currently available TKI Methods for download. We will add more new methods as we develop these.





Reference Application Version / Language Resin File
TKI-AC01   Pu and Np-237 in seawater samples  1.0 – EN TEVA Download PDF
TKI-SR01 Sr-90 in large water samples 1.0 – EN DGA Download PDF
TKI-CS01 Cesium 134/7 determination in aqueous samples 1.0 – EN CS Resins Download PDF
TKI-PB01 Direct lead determination in aqueous samples  1.0 – EN TK101 Download PDF
TKI-SR02 Direct strontium determination in aqueous samples   1.0 – EN TK100 Download PDF
TKI-CL01 Determination of Cl-36 and/or I-129  1.4 - EN CL Download PDF
TKI-CU01 Separation of Cu isotopes from irradiated targets  1.0 - EN CU Download PDF
TKI-ZR01 Separation of Zr isotopes from irradiated Y targets  1.0 - EN ZR Download PDF

Separation of Ge isotopes from irradiated Ga targets

 1.0 - EN ZR Download PDF

Separation of Ti isotopes from irradiated Sc targets

1.0 - EN

ZR Download PDF

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