Reagents for environmental monitoring, bioassay, geochemistry, radiopharmacy and decommissioning

Geochemistry and Metals Separation

TrisKem’s expertise in separation chemistry and its wide range of resins with different selectivities provides a number of opportunities to solve analytical problems through sample preparation.


With our broad products' offer and our long experience, TrisKem can help you meet lower detection limits with less uncertainty.


Frequently the problems encountered are centred on removing matrix interfering with the instrumental measurement.

ICP-MS is an example. Isobaric interferences have often to be removed in order to allow accurate determination of your analytes.


Selectivity for the analyte of interest is important in these cases. Extraction chromatography is widely used in various analytical applications, including the determination of Sr isotope ratios, in geochronology and dating (e.g. U/Pb, Nd/Sm,...), and the determination of Pb and Be in difficult matrices.


Our R&D team is working on the development of new resins and methods in order to help you with your separation needs. Having a special separation need, willing to participate in a R&D project or looking for a partner to commercialize a new technology you have developed, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@triskem.fr





Extraction Chromatography

AC Resin Be
CL Resin Ag, PGE
CU Resin Cu-63/5
DGA Resin Actinides, Y, Sc, Ra/Ac
LN Resin Series Lanthanide separations (Sm/Nd,...)
Ni Resin Ni, Pd
PB Resins Pb
Prefilter Resin  Organic traces removal
RE Resin REE, Y
SR Resin Sr, Pb, Po
TBP Resin Sn, Zr, Actinides
TEVA Resin Th, Zr
TK100/1 Resin Direct Sr, Pb, Ra
TK102 Resin Ra/Ba separation, Sr, Pb
TK200 Resin Actinides, Zn, Ga
TK201 Resin Cu, Tc, Re, Fe, Zn
TK202 Resin Re, Tc
TK221 Resin Lanthanides
TK400 Resin Pa, Nb, Mo, Ga, Fe
TK-TcScint Tc-99
TRU Resin U, Fe, Th, Pa, REE 
UTEVA Resin U, Th
ZR Resin Zr, Ga, Ge, Ti


Ion Exchange Chromatography

Anion Exchange Resins Anionexchange Chromatography
Cation Exchange Resins Cationexchange Chromatography 


Accessories for Chromatography 

Columns Accessories for Columns
Cartridges Accessories for Cartridges/Vacuumbox


Sample Preparation  

Nucfilm Discs Ra-226
Resolve Filters Microprecipitation
Ag and Ni  Discs Autodeposition
Autodepositions Kits Autodeposition
Stainless Steel Discs  Electrodeposition 
Pyrolyser H-3, C-14, Cl-36, I-129
Zr Crucibles NaOH Fusion
LSC Consumables Liquid Scintillation Counting

 *Main Applications are shown in orange 




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Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest developments