Reagents for environmental monitoring, bioassay, geochemistry, radiopharmacy and decommissioning

TrisKem International

Expertise in Separation Chemistry


Triskem International delelops, produces and markets reagents and consumables used for radioactivity analysis in environmental, medical and bioassay and geochemical samples as well as decommissioning and waste matrices.

TrisKem International further markets radionuclide separation solutions and applications for nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy.

Our main product line of extraction chromatographic resins which allow the separation of radionuclides and elements from various samples and matrices (environmental, medical and bioassay samples, irradiated targets as well as waste samples).

Our products are radiochemistry's standard technology used by international accredited laboratories and monitoring agencies.

TrisKem International is your R&D partner in developing new radiation protection and environmental pollution control processes.


Identity: Strongly customer-oriented, TrisKem is dedicated to high quality development and production of innovative and ecologically responsible technologies


Conviction: We commit our competences and expertise in separation chemistry to solve complex challenges in analytical and radiochemistry, nuclear medicine, decommissioning, hydrometallurgy and other domains requiring highly selective solutions.


Vision: Our ambition is to become the global leader in developing and manufacturing products and solutions for complex inorganic separations from laboratory to semi industrial scale.

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