• Users Group Meeting in York (UK)

    16 Sep 2022

    Users Group Meeting in York (UK)

    We would like to cordially thank all participants of our Users Group Meeting that took place on September 16 in York (UK) for all the great presentations and discussions! Very special thanks to Alex Tarancon Sanz, Phil Warwick, Hibaaq Mohamud and Matthew Higginson, for sharing their work with our Users and us! Presentations, including TrisKems news and ...

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  • Analytical grade ion exchange resins

    28 Jan 2022

    Analytical grade ion exchange re...

    Eichrom Technologies, the supplier of our analytical grade anion (A4/8) and cation exchange (C4/8) resins, have informed us that they are facing sudden and significant supply chain issues, due to delivery delays for their raw materials exceeding 6 – 9 months. Unfortunately, these issues concern all their anion and cation exchange resins. Accordingly, ...

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  • VIRTUAL UGM 2021 - Presentations and video recordings  now online!

    26 Jan 2022

    VIRTUAL UGM 2021 - Presentations...

    The video recordings of our 2021 virtual Users Group Meeting (vUGM) organised as part of NPLs vCARM21 conference are now online! You can access them on our youTube channel or via our website. We would like to thank the NPL once more for the organisation and their support, all presenters for their excellent presentations, and of course all participants f...

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  • Resolve Filters

    12 Jan 2022

    Resolve Filters

    As some of you might already know, the supplier of the resolve® filters, Eichrom Technologies, has informed us of a product change. The currently used polypropylene (PP) material is not commercially available anymore and will be replaced later this year. Eichrom has already validated another, polyethylene (PE) based, material which performed as well as th...

  • Pricelist 2022 available!

    10 Jan 2022

    Pricelist 2022 available!

    Our July 2022 pricelist is available now upon request, to obtain a copy please contact us at contact@triskem.fr. You will find that we have added a number of new products such as the TK211/2/3 Resins (lanthanide separation), TK221 Resin (lanthanides and actinides), TK-TcScint (separation and direct LSC measurement of e.g. Tc-99), TK202 Resin (Tc separati...

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  • TKI22 online - TK-TcScint & TK202 Resin

  • TrisKem and Subatech, joint research laboratory

  • Updated versions of our TechDocs online

  • Discover our new tech doc radiopharmacy

    17 Jun 2020

    Discover our new tech doc radiop...

    Our updated technical documentation is online !

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  • E-commerce section

    21 Jun 2019

    E-commerce section

    We are very proud to announce that our e-commerce platform is now available. You can order online and pay by credit card.

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