• New Element Search Tool online

    21 May 2024

    New Element Search Tool online

    Our new Element Search Tool is now online! This new tool will allow you to easily obtain information about our products related to specific elements. After opening the link you can click on the element you'd like to seperate, the search tool will then show you links to the product sheets of suitable resins.

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  • Presentations from Raddec/TrisKem Workshop 2024 are available online

    2 May 2024

    Presentations from Raddec/TrisKe...

    The presentations from our joint Raddec/Triskem workshop are now available online on our website Many thanks to all speaker for kindly providing your slides! Looking very much forward to meeting you at our next workshop during the RadWorkshop 2024 taking place from 9th-13th September 2024 in the DTU Risø Campus, Roskilde, Denmark

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  • Raddec/TrisKem Workshop 2024

    18 Apr 2024

    Raddec/TrisKem Workshop 2024

    We would like to once more thank everyone involved in the wonderful RADDEC INTERNATIONAL LTD/TrisKem International workshop that took place in Portsmouth (UK) on April 18! Pdf versions of the presentations will be available online on our website soon.

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  • Upcoming new product: TK-SrScint

    14 Apr 2024

    Upcoming new product: TK-SrScint

    The TK-SrScint Resin will be the second product of our new range of impregnated plastic scintillation microspheres, developed at Uni Barcelona, after the TK-TcScint. The TK-SrScint Resin is based on the same crown-ether used in the SR and TK102 Resins, accordingly it is showing similar selectivity.

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  • Updated versions of our TechDocs online

    5 May 2023

    Updated versions of our TechDocs...

    Updated versions of our three TechDocs (All Resins, New Developments/World Wide and Radiopharmacy) are online now!

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  • Presentations and videos hybrid UGM 2023

    20 Apr 2023

    Presentations and videos hybrid ...

    PDF versions and video recordings of the presentations given at our 2023 hybrid Users Groupo Meeting are online now! We would like to once more thank all participents and presenters for the interesting contributions and discussion!

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  • TrisKem Info N°23 online

    10 Feb 2023

    TrisKem Info N°23 online

    You will find the latest edition of our TrisKem Infos (TKI23) online. This edition is dedicated to our new TK102 Resin and our new autodeposition units

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  • New poster added to poster section

    20 Jan 2023

    New poster added to poster section

    New poster: J. Svedjehed, M. Bas, S. Happel, K. Gagnon: New extractant-impregnated iTLC-SG paper facilitates improved TLC analysis for Cu radiolabelled peptides presented at the Terachem 2022 has been added to our poster session. The poster shows first results of upcoming CU Sheets

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  • Pricelist 2023

    10 Jan 2023

    Pricelist 2023

    Our pricelist 2023 is now available upon request under: contact@triskem.fr! You will find that we have added several new products such as TK222/5 and TK102.

  • New Ra Nucfilm paper

    20 Dec 2022

    New Ra Nucfilm paper

    Heinz Surbeck (Nucfilm GmbH) was so kind as to provide us with his new paper entitled "Half-live controlled radon/thoron emanation from MnO2 thin films reduces interference betweeen 226Ra and 224Ra daughter product alpha peaks". To acces the paper please click 'learn more'

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