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TrisKem International is an ISO9000 certified company producing and developing extraction chromatographic resins.

Extraction Chromatographic Resins combine the selectivity of liquid-liquid extraction and the speed and ease of use of chromatography thus finding applications in a variety of domains.

TrisKem’s Extraction Chromatographic Resins have a high selectivity. The methods using them are shorter, demand less hands-on time, reduce and even sometimes avoid the use of toxic and dangerous reagents.

The resins are comprised of microspheric beads with a very high surface impregnated with an organic extractant. The large surface of the beads and the high content of extractant allow reducing the size of the columns, and therefore also the amount of reagents used – resulting in the generation of less waste.

Extraction Chromatographic Resins can be prepared using a wide choice of different extractants, and thus selectivities:


  • Liquid anion exchangers
  • Liquid cation exchangers
  • Solvating and chelating extractants
  • Macrocycles (e.g. crown ethers)
  • Ionic liquids

Extraction Chromatographic columns, cartridges and discs are simple to handle and can easily be used in vacuum based systems or in automated separation setups e.g. for the separation of high active samples in glove boxes or hot cells, as for example needed for the preparation of radionuclides for nuclear medicine.


Overall TrisKems product range is comprised of:


In addtion to the Resin/Application table below you can also use our Element Search Tool to obtain information about specific elements.

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Extraction Chromatography

AC Resin Actinides separation / gross alpha measurement, Be
CL Resin Cl-36, radioiodine, Ag
CU Resin Cu
DGA Resin Am, Actinides, Y, Sc, Ra/Ac
DGA Sheets Quality control of Ra-223, Pb-212, Ac-225/Bi-213, Ge-68/Ga-68
LN Resin Series Lanthanide separations, Ra-228
Ni Resin Ni, Pd
PB Resins Pb
Prefilter Resin Organic traces removal
Guard Resin Organic traces removal
RE Resin REE, Y
SR Resin Sr, Pb, Po
TBP Resin

Sn, Zr, Sc, Actinides, Cu (with TK201)


TEVA Resin Tc, Pu, Th, Np, Am/Lanthanides
TK100/1 Resin Pb, Ra, Sr
TK102 Resin Ba/Ra separation, Sr, Pb
TK200 Resin Actinides, Ga-67/8
TK201 Resin Tc, Re, Cu
TK202 Resin Tc, Re from alcaline samples
TK211/2/3 Resins Lanthanide separations (nca Lu-177, nca Tb-161)
TK221 Resin Lu-177, Tb-161, Am, Ac-225
TK222 Resin Ac-225, Lu-177
TK225 Resin Removal of radiolanthanides from effluents
TK400 Resin Pa, Nb, Mo, Po, Ga
TRU Resin Am/Cm, Pu, U, Fe, Th, Pa, Np
UTEVA Resin U, Th, Np, Pu
ZR Resin Zr, Ga, Ge, Ti


Ion Exchange Chromatography

CS Resins (AMP-PAN & KNiFC-PAN) Cs-134/7
Anion Exchange Resins Pu, Preconcentration
Cation Exchange Resins Preconcentration
Monophos Resin Actines and transition metals
Tritium Columns H-3

Accessories for Chromatography

Columns Accessories for Columns
Cartridges Accessories for Cartridges/Vacuumbox

Sample Preparation

Nucfilm Discs Ra-226
Resolve Filters Microprecipitation
Ag and Ni Discs Autodeposition
Autodepositions Kits Autodeposition
Stainless Steel Discs Electrodeposition
Zr Crucibles NaOH Fusion
LSC Consumables Liquid Scintillation Counting

*Main Applications are shown in orange




New developments


Our R&D team has developed a number of new resins for use in Radiopharmacy, Radioanalysis and Geochemistry that we commercialize worldwide.


We are further cooperating with universities and research centers that have developed solutions help you with your lab work.


You can find more information about these new developments in the technical documentation.






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