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TrisKem International is ISO 9001 certified since July 2007. Please find here our quality manual and our ISO 9001 certificate.

For any complementary information please contact our quality manager Anne Raoult.


Download our quality manual.


Download our AFNOR ISO 9001 certificate.





Quality Manual

TrisKem International - Expertise in Separation Chemistry

 Quality Policy



Dear clients,


In February 2017, TrisKem celebrated its 10th anniversary.


A good time to thank you all for your loyalty. Your queries and your requirements, whether on technical or on administrative issues, have helped us develop our business and constantly improve our performance.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our multicultural and multilingual team for all their work. Every team member makes a valuable contribution towards developing, producing and marketing the high quality technologies that you need.


Over the past ten years, TrisKem has emerged as a leading expert in separation chemistry.


TrisKem International is perfectly attuned to its clients' needs and focuses on developing cutting edge, high quality technologies, for use both in the lab and for semi-industrial scale production.


We use our separation science competence and expertise to address a range of complex challenges, in fields such as analytical chemistry and radiochemistry, nuclear medicine, decommissioning, hydrometallurgy and many other fields requiring highly selective solutions.


We aim to become world leaders in designing and producing complex inorganic separation solutions.


Employee health and safety and environmental protection belong to TrisKem’s core values, with a constant focus on enhancing risk prevention and environmental awareness.


TrisKem International has been ISO 9001 certified since July 2007 for our full range of activities, as shown in our process chart. This chart gives a clear picture of our organization and how it enables us to offer the quality services and products that you need.


Our quality manager, representing our senior management, is your privileged contact with full authority to answer all your queries.


Our teams strive constantly to improve and optimize our services and to answer all your technical queries and solve any administrative issues. We are resolutely committed to enhancing the efficiency of our quality system.



Michaela Langer         
TrisKem International, President

Bruz, 30/06/17        





TrisKem International is the leading European manufacturer of specific analytical chemistry resins used in analysis laboratories whose work involves separating, purifying and identifying stable and radioactive elements. We are currently focusing on the design and manufacture of special resins and technologies for nuclear medicine radionuclide purification (for diagnosis and therapy), and for critical metal recycling and nuclear power plant decommissioning processes.


We offer our customers turnkey solutions for laboratory analysis and semi-industrial processes.


As external experts and trainers for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as well as members of the French Nuclear Energy Standardization Office (BNEN), TRISKEM International’s team of scientists has earned worldwide recognition for its expertise. TrisKem International's key strength is its ability to share its technical expertise for free with its clients, and support them in developing their businesses.



TrisKem International was founded in 2007 as a French joint-stock company (SAS) with share capital of €40,000 and a workforce of six, following the purchase of Eichrom Europe's resin activity and the transfer of the resin know-how developed and patented by the American company, Eichrom Technologies Inc.


Since 2009, TrisKem International has set up Research and Development projects in partnership with universities and research centers within France and abroad.


In 2015, with the support of the Brittany Regional Council, the Ille-et-Vilaine “département” and its banking partners, TrisKem International invested €2 million in innovative premises where it could concentrate all of its activities (R&D unit, Production lab and Offices) at the heart of the ZAC de l’Éperon in Bruz.

TrisKem International is active in highly specialized but rapidly expanding markets, in particular in China and in the Americas, with 74% of its sales figure generated by exports to sixty different countries on each and every continents.


Today, TrisKem International SAS is an independent French company with stockholders' equity of €1.4 million (as of 31/12/2016) and a workforce of sixteen. TrisKem employs a multicultural workforce, fluent in seven different languages.

TrisKem International is a member of the Atlanpole Biotherapie regional business incubator in Nantes, and is a proud participant in the CARAT project (Consortium for Radio Alpha Therapy Applications) a research project identified as crucial for the development of French competitiveness. The company is also part of the BPI France Excellence community. 



Our fields of competence and our values

  • Technical Competency
  • Quality of our products
  • Confidentiality
  • Communication
  • Mutual support and team well-being
  • Risk prevention
  • Environmental protection 




  • Customer Service
  • Availability
  • Team spirit
  • International Expertise
  • Experienced, complementary and multilingual team
  • Employee career development and promotion

TrisKem International’s management is committed to meeting all your needs, both in terms of quantity and quality, while enhancing our environmental and risk prevention awareness.



Our TeaM 


Application domainS


In the frame work of the ISO 9001 Certification TrisKem has implemented a quality management system for the following activities:


  1. Research and Development
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Commercialization

of chemical reagents in analytical and semi-industrial quantities, primarily extraction chromatography resins, and the consumables used in the separation and determination of radioactive and non-radioactive elements. Technical support forms an integral part of the added value of our products.


This quality manual describes the general provisions implemented by TrisKem International to achieve and guarantee the quality of its activities in the fields of applications mentioned above.


These provisions are completed by a list of all the procedures in the quality management system, including those relating to the control of documents and records, internal audits, the control of non-conformities, and corrective and preventive actions.




Cartography of the processes



Cartography TrisKem

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