Reagents for environmental monitoring, bioassay, geochemistry, radiopharmacy and decommissioning

Virtual Users Group Meeting - part of the vCARM 20 conference - 24/11/2020

Our first virtual & worldwide Users Group Meeting took place on 24 November 2020 from 13h to 17h CET. The meeting was part of the virtual CARM conference organized by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) from November 23rd to 27th 2020.


You will find a jpg version of the programm of the vUGM here.


Please find here enclosed pdf versions of the respective presentations in english as well as several links to the respective videos on our YouTube channel





Title  pdf versions video 
S. Happel: Welcome download visualize
A. Bombard: News Radioanalysis & Decontamination download visualize
M. Vasile: Investigation of the AMP-PAN resin for determination of Cs-137 in sea water samples download visualize
A. Tribolet: Rapid screening of radioactive wastes using test stick technology download visualize
N. Vajda: Determination of U, Pu and Am in soil and sediment by a sequential separation procedure using a single DGA column download visualize
A. Lehmusvuori: Extraction chromatography automation with Hidex Q-ARE 100 instrument download visualize
P. Warwick: New developments in Pyrolyser technologies and methodologies for volatile radionuclide extraction  download visualize
S. Wagner: Rapid determination of Sr and Pb isotope ratios in soil using passive samples with in situ matrix separation    
B. Mahan: High-throughput element purification for upscaled applications of isotope analyses in medicine, ore exploration and beyond download visualize
B. Webster/B. Russel: Optimisation of LN Resin for lanthanide separation in nuclear medicine applications download  

I. Cieszykowska: Separation of Tc-99m from low specific activity Mo-99 using TK202 resin


K. Olguin: Production and Purification of Titanium-45 for Positron Emission Tomography Imaging download visualize
S. Happel: News Radiopharmacy and other on-going R&D download visualize


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