Reagents for environmental monitoring, bioassay, geochemistry, radiopharmacy and decommissioning

Hybrid UGM at CARM 2023 - online and in Teddington (UK) on 22 February 2023

Dear Users,


we were happy to hold our very first Hybrid Users Meeting, with participants present online and in-person in Teddington (UK) at the NPL. 

A warm thank you goes to NPL for kindly organizing this event as part of the CARM 2023 conference!


We would like to cordially thank all participants for joining us, and all presenters for sharing their work!


Presentations can be found below.


Your TrisKem Team


Presenter - Organism - Title

pdf version Video recording

Ines Llopart - SCK-CEN - 36Cl determination in graphite samples using plastic scintillator materials

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Maximilian Horstmann - Uni Münster - Automated quantification of 99-technetium in aqueous samples by means of online SPE-IC-ICP-MS


Hibaaq Mohamud - NPL - Development in technetium separations for medical, environmental, decommissioning and tracer production

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Aude Bombard - TKI - New Developments TKI: Analytical applications

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Illarion Dovhyi - TKI - Calixarene-based Resins for the separation of Cs and Rb

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Alexandre Tribolet - NPL - Development of a novel rapid screening technique for radionuclides using test-stick technology

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Steffen Happel - TKI - New Developments TKI: RadPharm and ongoing R&D Download View


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