Reagents for environmental monitoring, bioassay, geochemistry, radiopharmacy and decommissioning

Raddec/TrisKem Workshop 2024, Portsmouth (UK)

Dear Users,

We would like to once more thank everyone involved in the wonderful RADDEC INTERNATIONAL LTD/TrisKem International workshop that took place in Portsmouth (UK) on April 18!

A big thanks to Raddec and NNUF-EXACT for the great organization, to all of our speakers (Inés Llopart Babot, David Reading, Alex Tarancon Sanz, Hyuncheol Kim, Phil Warwick, Aude Bombard, Hou Xiaolin, Richard Marsh, Illarion Dovhyi) for their excellent contributions, and of course all of our participants for the interesting discussions.

It’s been a great pleasure meeting you!


Your TrisKem Team


Presenter - Organism - Title

Pdf version Videos

Xiaolin Hou- Lanzhou University - Determination of 129I in environment and biological samples using Pyrolyser sytem for iodine separation


Phil Warwick - Raddec - Update on the development of the Pyrolyser Gen IV furnace system


Aude Bombard - TrisKem - News TrisKem International


Illarion Dovhyi - TrisKem - Calixarene based Cs Resins

Phil Warwick - Raddec - Development of the Pyrolyser Mini systems and applications for sample analysis in controlled environments  Download  
Hyuncheol Kim - KAERI - A Simple and Straightforward Technique for Analyzing Radionuclides in Seawater




Rich Marsh - UoS /Raddec - Tritium extraction from organic rich sample matrices using the HBO2 Download   

Alex Tarancon - Universitat de Barcelona - Recent applications of Plastic Scintillation Resins


Dave Reading - UoS /Raddec - Novel analytical applications using the Pyrolyser-Trio furnace system 

Inés Llopart Babot - TrisKem - Novel assays for ‘difficult-to-measure’ radionuclides involved in decommissioning activities Download  





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